Portal Instructions

Logging in to a Student Account:
  • The username is the student's ID number. (This ID Number can be found on report cards and student ID cards.) 
  • The password is the student's first and last initial, plus their 6-digit birth date (mmddyy). For example, a student named Jasper Boudin who was born on July 4, 1993 would have the password jb070493.
  • You do not need an "Activation Key", as requested by the login page.
Viewing Information on Grades:
  • To view teachers' grade book information: Log in to the Infinite Campus Portal. Click on "Schedule" in the left-hand menu. Then click on the name of a class to view the grade book information for that class.
  • To view teachers' course descriptions/class requirement/policies information: Log in to the Infinite Campus Portal. Click the "Schedule" link in the left-hand menu. Then click on the date next to the newsletter icon below the teacher's name.
Setting up a Parent Portal:
The CUSD Campus Parent Portal allows parents to log in to a special Web site where they can access information about all of their students in one place. Information is provided regarding:
  • assignments "to do" list
  • attendance
  • calendar of upcoming due dates
  • class schedules
  • grades
  • make-up work information
  • missing/overdue assignments
  • teacher email addresses/contact information
  • teacher newsletters, including course descriptions
  • and much more.
If you plan to create a parent account, an "Activation Key" will be required, as it is requested by the login page. In order to obtain an "Activation Key", e-mail Mr. Pettibone at spettibone@calaveras.k12.ca.usIf you already have an "Activation Key", or have already activated your Parent Account, click on the link at the bottom of this page to activate your account or log in. WHEN ACTIVATING YOUR ACCOUNT FOR THE FIRST TIME, CLICK ON THE "HELP" BUTTON TO ENTER YOUR KEY ID.

Mobile Device Installation Instructions:
  • Follow these instructions for information on how to use the Infinite Campus app on your mobile device.
    • Our district is Calaveras Unified.
  • Mobile phones can also access Infinite Campus through the link below or the Infinite Campus link at the top of this site.