Calaveras High School Dress Code:

Because of the importance of being “dressed for success”, Calaveras High School staff and students are expected to be dressed and groomed in accordance with acceptable standards of cleanliness, good taste, and appropriateness. Students are expected to arrive at school clean and wearing clothes that are clean and in good repair. The following dress code standards have been set to discourage clothing that may be a distraction to the learning environment and possible safety of students.

1.  All shirts and dresses must be worn in a way so that undergarment straps are not visible.  Tube tops, off the shoulder and low-cut shirts are not acceptable.  See-thru or fish net shirts are not permitted.


2.  Students will not wear shirts or tops that display any visible cleavage.


3.  Students may wear shorts, dresses, and skirts provided those garments reach a minimum length of mid-thigh. 


4.  Pants must be worn at the waist, without sag or looseness.


5.  Undergarments will be covered at all times.  No students shall dress in such a way that his/her underwear is partially or totally exposed.  The waist and bottom portion of undergarments will not be exposed at any time.


6.  Shirts, blouses, dresses, or skirts that expose the areas of the stomach, side, or back are not permitted.


7.  No student will wear any jewelry, clothing or carry backpacks, or any other items which display or suggest alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weaponry, profanity, vulgarity, sexual comments or innuendo, scatological humor or gang affiliation.


8.  No student will wear jewelry, clothing or carry backpacks or any other items that display or suggest messages degrading to a particular race, religion, culture, or gender, or related to sexual orientation.


9.  No student will wear clothes with holes that show skin in the groin area, or under or over the buttocks.


10. Footwear must be worn at all times, inside and outside of the classroom.

Students in violation of the Calaveras High School dress code will be required to change into clean loaner clothing for the remainder of the day. Students may pick up clothes at the end of the school day.