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 For inquiries and assistance contact:

Greg Howard/Audrey Biehle, CHS Yearbook Adviser

Phone: 209-754-1811  Ext: 5232

Email: abiehle@calaveras.k12.ca.us

Senior Dedications Submission Requirements:

All submissions must be completed online.

Click on the purchase a senior ad link on the homepage. Follow the instructions on the flyer.

You will need to upload pictures to use in the ad. Follow these guidelines for quality pictures.

Picture Requirements:

  • Scanners: Set source to Photo and output to 300 dpi (minimum) or higher.

  • Digital Cameras: Set picture file size to 4 megapixels (minimum) or higher. Smaller photo file sizes will appear pixilated (jagged blocky edges) when enlarged or stretched.

  • Cell Phones: Avoid photos from cell phone cameras because they do not always take balanced/focused pictures, and they use a very small file size for easy transmission. Most phones do not have the option to adjust camera settings. Exception: Newer iPhone and Android smartphones can take photos 4 megapixels and higher (check settings).

  • Websites: Pictures placed/viewed on websites (Facebook, CHS sports pages, etc.), are NOT usable. Photos uploaded for internet viewing are usually converted to small or thumbnail file size for faster page loading and viewing (usually less than 1 MB). The original digital photo is needed for yearbook use.