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Departments and Class Presentations

English Department
Baseman English 2 English 4
Biehle English 2 English 4 AP English Lit YearbookAP English Lit
Bohler English 1 English 3 Journalism / Tomahawk
Hampton English 1 English 3
Jones English 4 Common Core Lead
Lambert English 2 English 3
Smith, AK English 1 English 4 AP English Lit

Social Studies Department
Bowe Psych/adv. Psych Regular and HRS Econ/Gov Common Core Lead
Franceschi Gov/Econ US History
Gissler Geography/Foundations of Gov Drivers ED AP Calculus
Hodson World History AP US History
Merrill Georgraphy/Foundations of Gov US History AP World History
Upchurch World History US History

Math Department
Brown Integrated Math 1 Applied Geometry Algebra 2
Dinwiddie Integrated Math 1 Applied Geometry Geometry
James Integrated Math 1 Math Support Geometry
Lavaroni Integrated Math 1 Common Core Lead Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus
Ligon Geometry Prob and Stats Algebra 2
Tortorich Integrated Math 1 General Math Geometry
TBA Math Math Support Push-in Suppoet

Science Department
Angel Integrated Science 2 Chemistry
Bales Integrated Science 2 Biology
Bech-Crosby Anatomy and physiology Biology AP Biology
Swift Integrated Science 1 Common Core Lead Marine Biology

Foreign Language Department
Gerell Spanish 1 Spanish 3/4 Honors
Pettiebone Spanish 1 Spanish 2
Williams Spanish 1 French 1 French 2 French 3/4 Honors

P.E. Department
Clifton PE 1 Athletic PE Fitness PE Net Games Sports Conditioning
Keopp. M PE 1 Athletic Director Athletic PE Fitness PE Net Games Sports Conditioning
Lisk PE 1 Net Games Health and Wellness

Fine Arts Department
Allured Concert Band Symphonic Band
Markle Adv. Choir Guitr 1/2 Jazz Choir Drama 1
Salter Photography Advanced Photo
Smith, S Creative Discoveries Art 2/3/4 Peer Mentor
Wallace Ceramics Advanced Ceramics

Special ED Department
Garner Push-in Math Science Testing and Collaboration
Lafferty Geography/Foundations of Gov World History Personal Management Gov. Economy Testing and Collaboration
Lamica Social Studies 9th/10th grade Social Studies 11th/12h grade English 9th/10th grade English 11th/12th grade Push-in Testing and Collaboration
Outland Life Skills
Shuller Testing and Collaboration Push-in Support English Us History English 4 English 3 Personal Management
Schupp Personal Management Testing and Collaboration Push-in English 1/2

Career Technical Education Department
Behler Computers in 21st Int Office Tech Video Production
Egge Computers in 21st Photoshop Computer Animation 1&2
Ferrell Ag Science 1 Ag Science 2 Student Leadership
Ramsdell Arch Design 1 & 2 Mech Draft 1,2,3 CAD 3&4
Sedler Auto 1 Auto 2 Auto 3 & 4
Smith, J Medical Per 0-2 Medical Per 5-7
Walker Police Science 1 Police Science 2 Student Patrol
Weatherby Ag Technology Ag Equip 2 & 3 &4 Project Supervision Ag Biology Ag Computer Adv. Animal Sports Conditioning
Mcinturf Early Childhood Intern
McElroy/Guzman/Thompson Cosmetology